War between the White Council of wizards & the Red Court (vampires) has left the Red Court in control over the city with the gang & Ghoul puppet armies used to kick out the white council left to wreak havoc. Without a strong local White Council Presence in town old Cults & sleeping powers are able spread influence normally kept at bay by the wardens. Ghouls Recently Marched on Wnter’s keep to hurt the White Council’s ally & give added power locally to Summer

Meanwhile Mortal powers allowed to remain autonomous are mostly in the dark thanks to red court political infiltration. Mortal Gangs battle for turf, power, & security among themselves while keeping things quiet enough to keep from raising too much police ire. Manuel Álvarez & LaRaza won big, but Lee Sook & the Triad is still reeling when it comes to the mortal side of things.

Atlanta's happenings

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